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Jul 10, 2011 11:00pm PDT
like a shuttle but it's not. the x37 is an unmanned robotic spacecraft that belongs to the air force. and as barbara star reported at the start of this launch from california's air force base last year its mission is secret. >> reporter: it's a military mystery, what is this? is it an aircraft? is it the next generation space shuttle? and why is it such a secret? this is the x37b. a classified air force project that's never been fully explained by the pentagon but it hasn't stopped a speculation. some worry this is the beginning of military operations in space. that the plane might some day carry weapons to shoot down enemy satellites. >> there's also concern they might be used as a quick response, sort of vehicle where it could be used to launch very quickly. be spent over the plant to a danger spot very quickly and then release weapons at that point. >> reporter: in a recent meeting with reporters, a top air force official said no way. >> i don't know how this could be called weaponnization of space. it's an updated version of a space shuttle kind of activities in space. >> reporte
Jul 3, 2011 4:15pm EDT
, that became the army air force during the war. shortly after became the united states air force. what it was like for african-americans as the united states was on the eve of war. if you take yourself back to 1939-1940 the rest of the world was already at war. japan have long invaded china. germany invaded poland by 1939. united states had not entered the war but it was a world war. franklin roosevelt knew the united states was headed for involvement in this conflict and led the nation along kicking and screaming. the army air corps was all white. the only african-americans who had positions in the army air corps worker looks, janitors, security personnel who guarded the fence around the base. the generals in charge of the army air corps like that way. they had come up in world war i when the army air corps was all white. that was the world they knew. they liked it that way and expected to stay that way. they had no plans whatsoever to include african-americans in any way in their branch of the service. they had some research backing them up. following world war i they commissioned a
Jul 1, 2011 5:30pm EDT
receives his -- diploma. >> i want to go to the air force. i want to be an aviation pilot. hopefullying i'll get into the air force academy. my goals are high. from here, i'll do that. i'm at itt tech now. once i get my bachelor's degree, i can go to the training school for the air force. >> reporter: a mix up at his high school caused him to come here. he was 50 points shy of a degree and now, that's changed. he'll receive his diploma. >> it was not easy, but it was here with a focused head and you stay what you assignments are, you'll get through most of anything in here. well, without any type of difficulty -- if you're slacking off, you're selling yourself short. >> they serve 800 adults each year. those who take advantage of the education range in 16 to 83 years old. 16% of the adults test into a 6th grade reading level. over 142,000 adults don't have a diploma. the know -- >> the diploma is important to get a job. it's hard to find any kind of a living wage without the diploma. >> reporter: this 56-year-old returned to school to receive a diploma. he wants to open up a small home im
Jul 3, 2011 11:00am EDT
. >> there are all sorts of things like cuts air force and fleets. some of this is organization administration stuff. >> right, there's plenty of rumors going on on to what exactly they're going to cut. from weapons systems to entitlement and in strength even. >> let me ask you how are the debt reduction talks are going to impact defense spending in 2012 and beyond? >> i think they're more important than the appropriations process that's going on in the hill. they are between white house and congressional leaders right now and they have this august 2nd deadline when the debt ceiling has to take place. for both sides defense spending is a big bargaining chip. looks like defense will take a bigger cut because of that. >> every single one of the panels has recommended bigger cut spending. secretary gates has even said he was expecting a bigger number than 400 billion or that some of the estimates out there were bigger than 400 billion. marcus, what are some of the things the pentagon doing to prepare for a leaner future. gates was the one out there arguing to keep spending levels high. >> well up to n
Jul 27, 2011 12:00pm PDT
at vander burg air base in -- vanderburg air force base, air force detected an anomaly and cancelled the flight. the purpose of the test was to examine the weapons. the air force has some 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles in montana,ed inned in and william william -- north dakota and william -- wyoming. >>> renovations today included a new laundry building a community center and two playgrounds. >> we have to update all of the bathrooms and the rooms, and you know, what needs to be done. and funds to that, we -- in addition to this, we have so many other projects. >>> marine biologists are still trying to get a female gray whale out of the clam act river and -- klamath river back out to sea. yesterday, the biologists used killer whale sounds hoping to scare the whale away. scientists are worried she cannot find enough food and her skin will suffer in fresh water. >>> well, the advertised warming trend we have been talking about is here. we're our live camera looking out towards oakland. currently, 65 degrees. there's evidence or traces of that marine layer hugging parts of the
Jul 6, 2011 9:00pm EDT
the ruling. for more than two years now, u.s. air force loouieutenant colonel fehrenbach has been fighting the air force's efforts for firing him for being gay have made him a nationally-known symbol. he joins us now from idaho. colonel fehrenbach, thank you for coming on with us tonight. >> there have been many twists and turns for this policy, what's your reaction to the shutting down of the policy right away? >> you nailed it, rachel, there have been a lot of twists and turns. there were a lot of great news today but i greet it with caution. they have a opportunity to challenge it in court once again august 29 or appeal directly to the supreme court. so we need some clarification once again. as you mentioned, they say they would comply with the order and take immediate action and notify the force, so again maybe we'll get clarification within days like we did in october where the news trickled out, but also, the thing that would end all of this confusion is if the president, secretary paneda and admiral mullen would appeal immediately within days of this ruling. we have gone through the
Jul 24, 2011 11:00am EDT
.r.o. director bruce carlson, a retired four-star general who used to head the air force's acquisition program. general carlson, welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> where i want to start off is how the wars in iraq and afghanistan changed the way you guys do business. the wars have highlighted the need for persistent surveillance. that's something you guys have been involved in obviously in the space level. there's been a huge investment on unmanned vehicles on the air-breathing side to try to give a more persistent picture of what's going on on battlefields. how's that changed how you guys operate, how you guys work with the u.a.v. forces in order to get that best information to the troops in the field? >> vago, that's a great question. we've had to evolve tremendously over the last few years and we've evolve inside a way that helps the war fighter. let me just give you two examples that i think portray that. first geolocation of emitters and by that i mean phones, push-to-talk radios, whatever you want to talk about. when we combine ourselves with the persistent overhead airb
Jul 8, 2011 6:00pm EDT
found and layed to rest. bob has the amazing story. >> air force major richard was buried today at arlington national cemetery more than 40 years after he died in the jungles of southeast asia. the oregon native had been missing in action from the vietnam war. his name engraved in the wall on the mall. >> make me proud, makes me have hope they can find some of the others that are missing over there. >> he died at age 27, not long after this photo was taken. cousins joan and allen, the closest family members still living. >> i thought, you know, there was going to be no reconciliation on this in my lifetime. >> i was a senior in college when i got the call from my father that his plane was missing. >> dick was shot down over louse on march 26, 1970. he was on a secret training mission for an air force outfit called the ravens. >> we flew just about every day going out looking for, finding, and destroying their targets to destroy the north vietnamese and also run the trail and moved their forces into south vietnam. >> only clues to surface -- >> he was carrying traveler's ch
Jul 4, 2011 3:00pm EDT
and understand that, in fact, the soviets were not lining up for world war iii as many members of the air force wanted to believe. certainly general lemay, a character in the book. you might call him an antagonist. when you think of the cia's job to bring information to the president based on fact, not fiction or speculation, that's what the u-2 spy plane did for us. i think that was an important notion, but at the same time, there were other elements of the government that were really pushing science as i write in the book, and i think here's where i get into some of the more dangerous areas and some of the questions that i would like readers to be able to ask of themselves about whether or not pushing science is necessarily a good thing. right around that same time or actually if you back up a bit, for awhile after world war ii we had an anatomic bomb, and then when we found out the russians also had an atomic bomb in 1949, there was a big movement towards creating a bigger bomb called the thermonuclear bomb which is how the bugs got sioux high up. the father of the atomic bomb at the time op
Jul 4, 2011 12:00pm PDT
day on the job for the prince, who is a 'search and rescue pilot for the royal air force. the couple also competed in a dragon boat race -- on opposing teams. thanks, lawrence. with great weather on the with great weather on the fourth of july, there's one thing fourth of july, there's one thing you you can always count on. barbecue. doctor kim mulvihill has some important new guidelines for cooking all that meat. one in four burgers that look brown inside are not cooked how local favorite joey chestnut how local favorite joey chestnut fared in the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest. ============b r e a k ============== ,, has the average guy on the street ever lifted a gravy stain from an otherwise pristine wall-to-wall? or granted the christmas dreams of twins whose only wish was the shine of a professionally-cleaned hardwood floor? well, i have seen the glory of steam-cleaned kitchen tile in the early morning hours! i have saved floors. i have lived! also, we'll be passing a card around for carl. please sign it. ♪call 1-800-steemer. tonight at five: we'll have the latest on
Jul 26, 2011 5:00pm PDT
. >> reporter: of fire agency in solano county is represented here including travis air force base personnel. the bay area air quality management direct is also on scene to determine what's in that smoke. >> as the weather starts changing, the plume starts coming down at breathing level at a lower level, then we have to make a decision whether to call a "shelter in place" or maybe escalate it to a evacuation which i seriously doubt that will happen because as you can see, this is about, 200 to 250 feet high up in the air. >>> reporter: so even they have think a good handle on this fire, you can see the smoke coming out from the incident. they don't think there is a concern for air quality or water quality but they are telling people stay inside within a mile radius. if you doesn't know how far you are from the fire, if you still see the smoke, stay inside. >> thank you, ann notarangelo, thank you. >>> smoke from this huge fire can be seen for miles around. robert lyles has been talking to neighbors who are seeing and smelling the disaster close up. elizabeth, ann mentioned that fire official
Jul 15, 2011 5:30pm PDT
and political support was welcome news for these fighters. said former gadhafi air force colonel, who's now fighting for the rebels. is that good news for you to hear? >> exactly, it's very, very good news and gives us more of a chance to give freedom to our people and our country, especially. >> reporter: the chances for a rebel victory seemed limited in our two visits to the changing front line earlier in the week. we all stick together, right? okay. >> reporter: we saw very young fighters going into battle with home made rocket launchers and then scattering with gadhafi's heavier artillery landed close by. the rebels have been left with a catch-as-catch-can arsenal. weapons seized from gadhafi's troops were made from scratch, or with children doing the cleaning, salvage from a discard pile. still, the rebels did retake qawalish, both sides suffering casualties, but the front line scraping past one more war-torn town. like so many other places in the mountains where the fighting has ebbed and flowed, this tiny village is now a ghost town, nobody here but soldiers. now it's rebel soldiers
Jul 8, 2011 11:00pm EDT
be pulled out of the ranks immediately and the savings are immediate. >> the air force retention rates are also up, but the six year high is causing it to convene a similar reduction in force. the air force will review the records of more than 9,000 officers. about 400 will be let go. >>> atlantis has liftoff bringing an end to nasa's shuttle program. what's the future of man's space travel? we'll take a look at the possibilities. >>> how you heal mentally -- how you feel mentally during your pregnancy could have an effect on how your child does physically in the years to come. >>> and after your next workout you might want to try a childhood favorite. two new studies say low fat chocolate milk is the perfect recovery drink. researchers say it benefits all levels of athletes saying people were in overall better shape than people who drank sports drinks that were just carbs. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little one
Jul 31, 2011 11:00am EDT
at the senior level, what it is we want our department of defense to do, our neri marine corp, air force and army, what do they need to do for the nation. that discussion is going on right now with the strategy review within the department of defense. so that's critical. once that decision is made, and then the senior leadership of our nation says, yes, this is what we want our service to do and then you come down to the individual service. in our case, we look at ourself as the crisis response force. we are america's force that you call tonight and if you want it done tonight you call the marine corp. >> that can flex up and down. >> it does. it's like a balloon, you can blow it up or let the air out but it's a high state of readiness. there is some duplication, but where there is no duplication is its ability to respond to today's crisis with today's force today. not tomorrow, not next week, but today. so that force needs to have a high state of radius. when we talk about trading things off, one of the things we didn't do as a nation, it seems to me, is have all of our forces at some m
Jul 6, 2011 1:00pm EDT
personnel, marine corps. $13,480,436,000. military personnel. air force. $28,264,646,000. reserve personnel. army. $4,333,507,000. reserve personnel, navy, $1,948,544,000. reserve personnel marine corps. $645,422,000. reserve personnel, air force. $1,711,653,000. national guard personnel. army, $7,607,345,000. national guard personnel, air force. $3,099,629,000. title 2, operation and maintenance. operation and maintenance, army. $34,581,321,000. operation ant maintenance, navy, $49,389,685,000. operation and maintenance, marine corps, $6,036,936,000. operation and maintenance, air force, $36,065,107,000. operation and maintenance, defense-wide, $30,-- >> mr. chairman. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from virginia rise? >> mr. chairman, i have an amendment at the desk. the chair: the clerk will designate the amendment. the clerk will report the amendment. the clerk: amendment offered by mr. connolly of virginia. after the dollar amount insert reduced by $10 million. page 31, line 17, after the dollar amount, insert increase by $10 million. the chair: the gentlem
Jul 20, 2011 11:00pm EDT
at andrews air force base. 87 manassas. leesburg also feeling it at 91 degrees. it feels terrible outside. doppler radar right now most of the storms just out to the south around us. we have this bermuda high. overnight clear, warm, muggy. lows in the 70s. now, tomorrow morning as you're waking up pack an extra water bottle in the car as well. temperatures at the 70s by 7 a.m. and by 9 p.m. already in the mid to upper 80s. we will talk about when the heat gets worse and also when we get some relief. back to you. >> okay. so you can see those temperatures, even though it is dark outside doesn't mean much relief from heat and humidity especially for crews trying to fix a broken water main in wheaton tonight. right now southbound georgia avenue is closed after a water main broke at shorefield road early this morning. here's the bad news. it is expected to stay shutdown through tomorrow mornings rush hour. look at all the work going on. northbound side is open. now the crews are not out there alone at this hour. our matt jablow is out there live to look at how they are dealing with the heat.
Jul 21, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. this is why it is just feeling so terrible out there. almost 80 at andrews air force base. down to the south of us, it feels like 122 for you. tough for you. andrews air force base 115. dc 109. winchester. cumberland feels like 107 degrees. satellite/radar picture. not really concerned about the chance for showers and storms tonight. tomorrow a little chance for maybe a stray storm. all right. so the dangerous heat wave continues. it can be hazy especially late tonight and very warm. excessive heat warm. triple digits through saturday. sunday is still hot but the good news is it is not as extreme. so clear skies but hazy maybe later after midnight. very warm and humid. lows 75 to 82 degrees. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 10. i did feel it a little bit on the terrace. it does help a little bit. lows around downtown. lower 80s. same thing for annapolis. upper 70s. maybe mid-70s for martinsburg. not a whole lot of relief. still need to keep the a.c. running. air quality is code red. that's the first time we have seen that this time so far. which means unhealthy for everybody. avoid strenuo
Jul 26, 2011 8:00pm PDT
on the map exactly where in fairfield the fire is located here it is near the travis air force base. we continue our team coverage and kron4 j.r. stone for more on the health risk. >> behind me, you can see this black field. >> environmental managers say this poses a slight danger to those in nearby. >> the real danger is that you should not be reading this if you have problems. but you have the same sort of issues, irritating the ear, nose, throat, respiratory system, causing nausea, headaches and things like that you not to read this if you can avoid it. it looks like it is starting to, it is starting to die down a little bit. but we away from the all clear from our fire department friends to make sure that the fire is completely under control so that we know that there is no potential hazard. >> this is a another a close look at the fire in the area that burned. invar middle managers that i talked with said they did extensive testing all day long and found no other hazardous chemicals in the year for now, reporting in fairfield j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> we want to show the
Jul 4, 2011 5:00pm EDT
the towering air force memorial overlooking the nation's capitol, on board the bus, appears a white stretch limo and in it, two families discard by war. >> chris picked the 4th. he tells me i'm his 4th of july. he picked the 4th and the location. >> i'm charming that way. >> yes, he is. >> reporter: it's the wedding of air force master sergeant chris and his bride danielle. in attendance, her two and his three which were. this -- and three children. >> it's not just about danielle and i coming together, but two families coming together. we have been through amazing tragedy. >> reporter: in danielle's bouquet of flowers, two photographs of spouses they lost in war. >> this is another way for me to have them with me and be a part of the day. >> reporter: air force technical sergeant ryan balmer was killed in iraq four years ago and he was 33. >> it was difficult and very, very scary to have to think about moving forward with it just being the three of us and me trying to figure out how to be a mom and a dad. >> reporter: 30-year-old jessica sweet also an air force technical sergeant died from
Jul 4, 2011 10:00pm EDT
families torn apart by war. bob barnard was at the ceremony. >> reporter: beneath the towering air force memorial overlooking the nation's capitol, amid the bus loads of tourists on this hazy summer day appears a white stretched limo, and in it, two families scarred by war. >> he always tells me i'm his fourth of july so he picked the fourth and the location. >> reporter: it's the wedding of air force master sergeant chris sweet and his bride, danielle. in attendance, her two and his three children. >> this is not just about danielle and i coming together. it's about two families coming together, two families that have been through amazing tragedy. >> reporter: in danielle's bouquet of flowers, the two spouses they lost to war. >> this is another way to have them. >> reporter: air force technical sergeant ryan balmer was killed in iraq four years ago. he was 33. >> it was difficult and very, very scary to have to think about moving forward with it just being the three of us, and me trying to figure out how to be a mom and dad. >> reporter: 30-year-old jessica sweet, also an air force tec
Jul 5, 2011 5:00am EDT
. >> reporter: beneath the towering air force memorial overlooking the nation's capital, amid the bus loads of tourists on this hazy summer day appears a white stretch limo and in it, two families scarred by war. >> chris actually picked the 4th. he tells me that i'm his fourth of july so he picked the 4th and he picked the location. >> i'm charming that way. >> yes, he is, extremely so. >> reporter: it is the wedding of air force master originallent chris sweet and his bride daniel. in attendance her two and his three children. >> it is about two families that have been through amazing tragedy. >> reporter: in the bouquet of plowers, two maul photographs, the spouses they lost to war. >> this is another with a if me personally to have them with me and have them be a part of the day. >> reporter: air force technical sergeant ryan ballmer was killed in iraq four years ago. he was 33. >> it was difficult and very scary to have to think about moving forward with it just being the three of us and me trying to figure out how to be a mom and a dad. >> reporter: 30-year-old jessica sweet, also ap
Jul 17, 2011 4:30am PDT
here? dr. john renshaw is major john renshaw, united states air force. he's deploying to the front lines of afghanistan to treat the war wound. but before he goes, he along with other military medical personnel will complete a tour of duty here at the university of maryland shock trauma center in baltimore. sharpening their ability to deal with critical trauma patients. >> the wounds appear to be superficial. >> category "a" now. >> trauma. >> trooper one. 15 up, 10 minutes back, fall from tree. category "a," priority 1. >> every day, dozens of trauma patients are wheeled into these bays. some are accident victims. this young man came with multiple stab wounds. but right alongside the civilian trauma doctors, nurses and techs, military personnel. colonel david powers, a surgeon, runs the military training program here. >> the injuries i've treated here and that i see her at this hospital are the closest thing to the injuries i saw in iraq that i've experienced in the continental united states. >> >> reporter: listen to what powers has encountered in recent weeks here. >> i've had a
Jul 29, 2011 5:00pm EDT
's dreams are sky high after a job of the lifetime. >> he was to help the tell the original air force one. -- detail the original air force one. from the washing to the drying michael says that detailing is an art form. >> we can make a car waxed and shine for six months compared to you cleaning it at home and having it lasts for a few weeks. >> it is a lifelong hobby of his and his profession. >> i enjoy every aspect of what i do. >> this attention to detail are him a spot on a 30 person team to do tell the original air force one that is now in a museum of flight. that plan was used by kennedy johnson, and nixon. >> to be able to work on the president's vehicle is overwhelming. >> compared to the standard card to tell of a few hours taking -- cleaning the air plan will take a week. >> it takes weathering through seattle every single day. it is about 16 cadillac escalates laid out flat. that would take me five hours for and escalate. >> -- for an escalated. de. >> the stock could market turning point in his career. >> i would love to polish out aircraft on a permanent basis. >> detailing
Jul 14, 2011 4:30am EDT
military officers are in the u.s. training to become the first female pilots in the afghan air force. two years ago, the afghan army were look for women to join and became the opportunity to be the first women pilots in the afghan air force and they will be here at lackland air force base in texas for eight months for english language training and heading to alabama for helicopter training. >>> exxon-mobile will try to do damage control this morning in monday at that .a. they plan to use vac -- in montana. they plan to use vacuum trucks to suck oil from a pipeline that spilled an estimated 42,000 gallons of crude oil in the yellowstone river. the cause of the july 1st pipeline failure is under investigation. >>> minnesota's government shutdown put 22,000 state employees out of work and they won't be able to reach for beers during the free time when they are out of work. miller coors is forced to pull 39 brands from every restaurant bar and liquor store in the state because the company was not able to renew the brand label registration before the government shut down on july 1st. see it go
Jul 27, 2011 6:00am PDT
air force base and east of i-80. anne makovec is in fairfield. she just learned that the police will be holding a press conference in just a few minutes. she joins us now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are waiting for the tests of those air quality results to come in later on this morning. the concern is that we had a bunch of plastic burning here last night and that caused petroleum to melt and that has chemicals in it that got into the air. the macro plastics plant behind me, you can see a big fields of ash now because about five acres worth of plastic bins were burning here last night. if you move to the left, you can see the impact plastic bins. these are the things that burned here. it was all in an outside storage area. no actual buildings caught on fire. when you look at this video, it looks like there's a two-story building on fire. it's really just stacked-up plastic crates, though. the fire broke out around 1:00 yesterday afternoon near travis air force base and the smoke could be seen for 50 miles away, as far as san francisco and sacramento, t
Jul 19, 2011 5:00pm PDT
made. >> reporter: and for trips to iraq, to kuwait, sometimes on air force aircraft which military forces tell us costs costs $7,000 an hour to operate. they spent $10 million in expenses traveling the globe. our investigation senators aren't just using tax money or military jets to visit war zones. other senators have sippedded ped cocktails at the eiffell tower and greece. nancy pelosi flew on chartered air force jets, and on the trip mrs. pelosi led to telaviv the catering was topnotch. according to a receipts showed that money was spent on alcohol. mrs.pelosi does not drink. don't let the menu fool you these trips aren't junk. >> you're pretty much working a 12 hour day when you're on these trips. especially on a global economy. we would like our legislators to be well informed when making decisions. >> reporter: what's more troubling is the lack of accountability in keeping costs under control. there's no quote budget for u.s. senators overseas travel. whatever they spend is automatically reimbursed by the u.s. treasury. nancy pelosi spokesman says she has improved the system
Jul 26, 2011 5:00pm PDT
including the big foam trucks from travis air force base responded and finally won the battle. back live a huge remnant of the cloud city hoovers for miles above the scene, slowly dissipating with the air current. here down below on the ground, an awful toxic mess that will have to be cleaned up and cleaned up soon. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now again that fire started about 3.5 hours ago. i want to show you more live pictures now from news chopper 2 which is overhead. you can see there is not nearly as much smoke as it was earlier. although there is still pretty decent amount of smoke but at its height there was so much thick black smoke that you can literally see it for miles. we continue our coverage with sal castaneda. >> reporter: we're standing in this neighborhood here which is a mile west of where the fire is. you can see these houses, a little bit earlier people were outside looking at it and along the street people have been showing up to stand here and watch. since early this afternoon, people have been drawn to the fire but have been kept away by pol
Jul 24, 2011 1:00pm PDT
closer to ending the ban on gays in the military. we'll get reaction from a former air force major who was outed and then ousted from the service. [ male announcer ] get ready for the left lane. the volkswagen autobahn for all event is back. right now, get a great deal on new volkswagen models, including the cc. and every volkswagen includes scheduled carefree maintenance. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the volkswagen cc sport for just $289 a month. ♪ visit today. no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is ! yeah, but i'm new, too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends better than old friends. at ally bank, we treat all our customers fairly, with no teaser rates and no minimum deposit to open. it's just the right thing to do. >>> time for a cnn equals politics update. we're keeping an eye on all the latest headlines on the desk. house speaker john boehner is holding a conference call with house republicans right now on debt negotiat
Jul 10, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. >> the prince himself as an active-duty pilots for the royal air force. -- says win the support in service men and women around the world. >> the radar is not very active right now in our area. we have some scattered clouds and relatively dry air. the dew point is only a little bit. the more tropical air is to the south. it is really hot in the plains states. around us.cuit icircling it is coming. we hit 90 again today. that is the no. 6 this month we have been 90 or warmer. in june, we have seven. in may, we had three. in june, we had one day where we hit 100 degrees. we had 16 days of 90 or hotter and one day at 100. we will probably add a couple more as the heat wave continues. this evening, it is still hot. it is still around 90 degrees around gaithersburg and frederick. it is a little cooler closer to the bay. on the board war, is 86. it on the boardwalk , it is 86. the key today was that the committee was relatively low. the wind will become more southerly. today, the humidity was relatively low. the high-pressure was clearing us out and keeping the area storm free. the high has moved of
Jul 26, 2011 6:00pm PDT
and travis air force base. macro plastics makes huge plastic bins and 1:00 a fire started in the area where 20,000 to 30,000 of these bins are stored. fairfield's fire marshal says it's a difficult fire to fight. >> because the bins are mass, hydrocarbon-based product, they put off an intense amount of heat. they are simple floor a tire fire. >> reporter: she says it will take a lot of water and a lot of time. they are also using afff foam, a lightweight foam very effective in fighting these kinds of fires. but it really is a waiting game as they wait for all the fuel to burn. the fire did spread to a nearby field. however, the weeds had been cut a while ago as a fire prevention measure so there was very little to burn and that fire was put out quickly. the hr director for macro plastic has nothing to say about how the fire started or their plans. but she was grateful that everyone got out okay. >> we're just very thankful that all our employees evacuated safely and we didn't have any injuries or anything like that. >> reporter: every fire agency in solano county is represented here includi
Jul 27, 2011 5:00pm PDT
part of it to carry humans to mars. >>> and the air force today forced to destroy an unarmed missile. the missile blasted off about 3:00 this morning from the air force base. five minutes later the missile was 4200 miles away, over the marshal islands. but the air force found a problem and destroyed it. it is the second problem in five weeks with the missile launch, and icbm launched on june 22, successfully reached the target. but a mission control system malfunctioned, forcing ground control to issue the commands. >>> and keeping tobacco away from children. up next, the move the city made to get a passing grade. >>> plus, this came in a phone call. what the woman on the other end of the phone said that could go a long way to save animals. >>> and remember the helmets in star wars? we'll tell you why they were actually the subject of a ruling today from the british supreme court c . >>> the star wars creator lost a bat until the supreme court today, ruling that the famous white storm trooper helmets are props instead of art work, therefore are not protected by british copy right law
Jul 27, 2011 4:00pm EDT
than 150 air force cadets are recovering from the stomach flu. an outbreak started at the training at the air force academy. 150 are still recovering while 240 came down with flu-like symptoms. none of those who fell ill required hospitalization. the air force is now taking extra steps to sanitize their facilities. >>> in today's consumer watch, ford is making changes to bring its music into the digital music age. the company will no longer install cd players in its new ford focus vehicles. ford has decided to put digital sockets instead. it will have a hub where you can view our li-- your library instead. ford is the first one going tech savvy. >>> smart phones. as benny sna ann reports, some- - betty ann reports, people who prefer smart phone for interaction are at risk. >> first thing i do when i wake up is grab my phone. >> reporter: 32-year-old matthew barrett is never far from his smart phone. >> to be honest, i'm never without it. i know i'm addicted because when i'm without it, i have withdrawal. >> and not the only one living his life almost completely online. around the w
Jul 8, 2011 10:00pm EDT
to rest. fox 5's bob barnard has the amazing story. >> reporter: air force major richard elzinga was buried today at arlington national cemetery more than 40 years after he died in the jungles of southeast asia. the oregon native had been missing in action from the vietnam war, his name engraved in the wall on the mall. >> makes me proud, makes me have hope that they can find some of the others that are missing over there. >> reporter: dick elzinga died at age 27 not long after this photo was taken. cousins joan and alan are the closest family members still living. >> i really thought there was going to be no reconciliation on this in my lifetime. >> i was a senior in college when i got the call from my father that his plane was missing. >> reporter: dick elzinga was shot down over laos on march 26th, 1970. he was on a secret training mission for an air force outfit called the ravens. >> we flew just about every day going out looking for, finding and destroying their targets to attack the north vietnamese who were trying to overrun that country and overrun the ho chi minh trail
Jul 6, 2011 8:00pm EDT
. $919,034,000. military personnel, marine corps, $760,103,000. military personnel, air force. re serb personnel army, $207,162,000. reserve personnel, navy, $44,530,000. reserve personnel marine corps, $25,421,000. reserve personnel air force, $26,815,000. national guard personnel, army, $646,879,000. national forward personnel air force, $9,435,000. operation and maintenance, operation and maintenance, army. the chair: for what purpose does the gentleman rise. >> mr. speaker i have an amendment at the desk. the chair: the clerk will report the amendment. the clerk: amendment offered by mr. welch of vermont, line 27 -- page 27, line 58 -- mr. welch: i ask unanimous consent that the amendment be considered as read. the chair: without objection, so ordered. >> i reserve a point of order on the gentleman's amendment. -- amendment. the chair: a spoifered reserved. the gentleman from vermont is recognized for five minutes. mr. pell. swk -- mr. welch: thank you, mr. chairman. one of the questions, central questions congress must address is whether to continue the policy of nation building i
Jul 27, 2011 5:00am PDT
. it's a little north of travis air force base east of i-80. anne makovec is at the scene and learned that police will be holding a press conference shortly to fill us in. >> reporter: the fire is out but you can see a lot of the damage behind me in this field a big pile of ash that was once a huge stack of plastic crates and you can see off to the side, still some of the plastic crates that are impacted today. this is what was burning creating a show of fire and concerns for air quality. that fire broke out at around 1:00 yesterday afternoon here at macro plastics. check out this video from failed. it's near travis air force base. the fire was huge with thick, black smoke that could be seen for more than 50 miles away. it was shooting 9,000 feet into the air. the fire fueled by plastic produce crates. a worker accidentally lit one on fire and it took off into a five-acre fire. >> any sense of the temperature that this fire reached? >> close to 1,000, maybe 1500. if you go to the side of the complex where the grass is, you will see the poles, the whole metal fences are bent like straw
Jul 7, 2011 11:00am PDT
men will be found alive. this aircraft left mccompletely len air force twice naid the mission. >> we're going to 500 square miles. >> mexican and u.s. rescuers are looking for survivors from sunday's ship wreck in a 1500 square mile region. the excursion boat went down in the sea of cortez dumping all 43 passengers and crewmen into the water. to illustrated how quickly the weather changed, dishing who met some of the fishermen the day before showed his photographs from saturday. >> we are drinking and we just left the bar on the beach. >> this is albert and this is don lee standing, this is two of the seven men still missing. this is where they are altogether. fishermen are a family and they will stick together. >> we don't want them to stop the effort. like the other day, until we know what happens, they come home and most optimistic way or maybe the least, we want them home so please don't stop. >> family members have provided us with additional photographs and social media information asking anybody head order in that correction to help recover and help find their loved ones. >>>
Jul 6, 2011 12:00pm EDT
of the boat. >>> we're hearing the d forthation back an between the pilot and air force control. sent the plane on a terrifying descent. >> southwest like one -- 822 was cruising at 8,000 feet when suddenly the roof of the plane open, leaving a gaping hole 6 feet long. passengers could see daylight. as the jet released audio recordings reveal, the pilots had a major problem down the planeg fast. >> southwest 812 is that you? >> [inaudible] >> on board 118 passengers mask as theoxygen passenger put down the plane on a terrifying descent, 20,000 feet in less than five minutes. >> [inaudible] >> they quickly realized they running out of time. >> you missed your 3:00 position. >> air-traffic controllers and the southwest pilots work together to bring down the crippled plane. amazingly no one was hurt. the investigation continues, but abc news first reported, it appears a manufacturing defect is what caused the plane to fall apart. >>> the d.c. mayor vincent gray reversing his position on the metro station. previously he supported the more expensive underground station option, but today he
Jul 29, 2011 4:30am EDT
is quiet. overnight construction on the beltway, near andrews air force base, at fedex all that will be moved by the time you get there. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 7 is on your side with with a crackdown on concussions in the district. lawmakers intraday if approved a bill aimed at combating industries of high school athletes. >> stephen tschida spoke with some athletes about the new rules. >> football practice. they're going at it hard indeed. >> i hit my head and got a bad headache. >> there's a good chance some of the young athletes will wind up with a concussion. >> a linebacker had head injuries and got back out there after a week. >> calls for reform are gaining volume. >> we know that learning is the child's job in school and that learning is impaired after a concussion. >> athletes under the age of 18 injured are prevented from returning to the sport until they get permission a physician -- permission from a physician. >> i have no problem with that. >> this law extends to all sports and athletics. not all players like the idea of doctors determining when they c
Jul 1, 2011 6:00pm EDT
air force base, 90 and winchester 90 degrees. it's that time of year when there will be a lot of boats out. waves one to two feet and southwest winds ten to 15. sunday a little warmer, upper 80s to mid-90s and south winds at ten to 15 miles an hour. ted over to the ocean. and that is where we're finding conditions to the low 80s to mid-80s on saturday. winds ten to 15 miles an hour and lots of sunshine. on tuned, 58 to 90 degrees and southwest winds at ten to 15 miles an hour. and the intersection of river and falls roads will benefit autism speaks. topper will be there all day to mc the event. so here's your 7-day forecast. highs near mid-90s. i think on sunday, the storms will be isolate to the corridor of i66 and south of it. and then on the fourth, low 90s. so isolated. not everyone will see it. but i think for the fireworks, just fine. >>> it's a great night for a ballgame. and has brett harber is live at the ballpark. >> reporter: welcome back to nationals' park yesterday. it's not the first time that davie johnson was in uniform in washington, it just so happens it was 40 years
Jul 7, 2011 8:00pm EDT
supporter, i don't think, in this body of the air force than me. i'm an air national guard pilot, i've been an air national guard pilot for a while now and continue to be even in my service in congress. but part of what we have to do in this body is find areas of essential versus nonessential spending and one of thosey areas i believe is nonessential -- those areas that i believe is nonessential is $100 million that will be spent if this amendment is not adopted to develop a new flight suit in essence. i think at a time when we're working at supporting defense as best we can and finding out areas where we can prioritize and make that essential, i think it's important to stop the design of this flight suit and allow that money to be spent in other areas. we've met with the folks that are developing this, that are looking at the idea of this new flight suit and i'm still convinced that the right thing to do at this time is to halt the development and manufacture of this. so i would just stand and urge the adoption of this amendment and i'd yield back. the chair: the gentleman yields back the
Jul 16, 2011 4:30am PDT
state side bases don't regularly see critical trauma cases. >> what does an air force person or tech learn before they go to the war zone? >> all of the basic skill set they need in the early phases after injury and the ability to manage that patient air way. treating bleeding and hemorrhage. >> the skills will come back home with them. he said the war led to advances controlling bleeding and monitoring fluids and wearing for brain injuries. >> these are lessons we are learning on the battlefields of afghanistan and iraq. it can be translated to civilian care. >> this lieutenant colonel is a flight surgeon. >> expect to be a jack of all trades. we are not deployed and i'm an outpatient internal medicine guy. >> before getting to afghanistan, he says, this will help him learn to prioritize multiple critical patients under battlefield conditions and sharpen his ability to make rapid decisions. >> i expect to see gunshot wounds. i expect to see traumatic brain injuries from explosive devices. it means burns as well. a lot of orthopedic injuries and really some horrific stuff. what i'm d
Jul 22, 2011 8:00am PDT
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Jul 26, 2011 4:00pm PDT
officials when firefighters arrived and evacuated the whole place. there was a nearby travis air force base sent a number of firefighters to the area. and operation there are not affected. we saw cargo planes taking off and landing throughout the afternoon. and this smoke is starting to settle quite a bit more than it was earlier in the afternoon. there was an umbrella of smoke. there is dark back smoke and that is what officials are urging people to stay indoors. and there is when we'll see if anything changes, at this point they are telling everyone to stay indoors and carolyn and larry? >> you mentioned that the fire did not start inside of the building. any idea what did spark it? >> no that is something they're trying to figure out. fairfield fire officials were here with video cameras taking video. some and response that they cannot turn over the video because that is considered evidence. that is not to say anything suspicious happened here but this is a monster job of getting to the bottom of how this started. >> what is the plan that firefighters have at this point, john,? have they
Jul 15, 2011 4:00am PDT
air force one much the latest from the trove of intelligence he left behind. >>> and casey anthony's million dollar offer. who is ready to give her a seven-figure check? >>> good morning. bumped and bruised. a rocky start for hundreds off europe-bound passengers in boston. >> their jet collided with a much smaller plane. no one seriously hurt. those on board agreed it could have been much worse. >> yet, this is the second such accident in the past few months. here's lisa stark. >> reporter: it was a clear evening still light out when the larger delta boeing 767 smacked into the smaller regional jet. both planes were damaged. the 767's wing tip was sliced. the tail of the regional jet badly mangled. >> i was looking out the window, it's funny before, and a saw a plane off to the side and thought t ese planes are pretty close. i wonder if anybody sees. it's those things you hear about. >> could have been a lot worse than it was. we were just grateful no one was hurt. >> reporter: if apparently happened as they were taxing for takeoff. one turned off to a second perpendicular roadway.
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